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Natural Environments


About This Course

The MOOC4All courses introduce to geothermal energy, solar energy or waste management. All these topics deal with the environmental interactions on our planet. To better understand those topics this course on NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS will introduce you to the earth concept of spheres, e.g. the atmoSPHERE or the hydroSPHERE.

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This entry level course has no prerequisites. Basic knowledge on mathematics, physics and curiosity is helpful.

Course Staff

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Stelian Nistor

Stelian Nistor is a lecturer at the Department of Geography of the University of Oradea in Romania. His specialties are teaching and research in the areas of: Environment, especially environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution and environmental analysis, Sustainable development with a focus on sustainable agriculture, Land-Use Management Spatial Analysis, and Society and Environment Stelian especially likes to explore the interaction of the different environments like human impacts on soils and their geological structures. If you can’t find him in his lab he most likely will be somewhere in the field abroad and collect data.

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